Free Purchase Order Template

Free Purchase Order Template for Microsoft® Excel®
Create purchase orders and monitor receipts using this purchase order template for Excel. Use drops downs for payment terms, freight terms, ship via and sales tax to speed data entry. Purchase order template works with Excel for Windows, Mac, IOS and Android.

Free Purchase Order Template for Excel

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Purchasing Toolpak is a purchase order system with a collection of professional office forms and spreadsheets. There are 30 useful forms and templates. All conveniently work inside Microsoft Excel. They are designed to simplify your daily purchasing tasks and help you leverage the power of Excel.

Work smarter with Purchasing ToolPak!

Eliminate the need to spend valuable hours drafting various forms. Purchasing ToolPak for procurement professionals offers instant access to a wide variety of forms – anything from a purchase order to a bid analysis template. And it's the best way to implement standards of excellence in your procurement practices.

Features at a Glance

  • Select from 30 professional office forms
  • Simplify your daily office tasks!
  • Incredibly easy to use!
  • Save time, money and energy!
  • Works with Microsoft Excel 2000- 2013!

Complete List of Procurement Forms and Templates

Bid Evaluation
Quickly evaluate bids from multiple suppliers. After entering description, quantity and price for each supplier, the bid evaluation template does the rest of the work!

Bid Waiver Request
The bid wavier template is used for obtaining approval not to bid.

Bid Evaluation
Three additional bid analysis templates are provided. A well prepared and accurate bid analysis supports sound decision making. The analysis also supports the buyer's negotiating strategy.

Change Orders
Many times purchase orders are changed for description, quantity, price or terms. These changes should be documented. Use the change order template to document this information.

Contract Approval Request
In many organizations procurement policy requires management approval of contracts. Use this template for approval of procurement contracts.

Contract Log
Use the contract log to track the status of your contracts. Contracts can be organized by type and status.

Excess Property Report
Use the excess property report to identify surplus equipment and materials to be sold by procurement. With this template you can assess fair market value versus acquisition cost.

Incorrect Billing Notice
Use this template to request supplier's to review invoice discrepancies. Seven common invoice errors are listed.

Expediting Worksheet
The materials expediting worksheet template is used to track critical deliveries. Send this form to your suppliers for completion.

Order Acknowledgement
After issuing a purchase order you'll want confirmation from the supplier. With the order acknowledgement template the supplier can confirm the purchase order to ensure order accuracy.

Price Record
When ordering parts or services supplier's may change pricing without notice. This form tracks and provides a historical record of all purchases.

Purchase Order for Excel
The purchase order template provides the information needed to order parts or services. There are two purchase order templates; one for ordering parts and a second for the purchase of services.

Purchase Order for Microsoft® Word
The first purchase order for Word is completed like all Word documents. The second template is a Word form. With the Word form you tab through the document. There are drop downs for payment terms, freight terms, F.O.B. point and ship via text boxes.

Receiving Report
Use the receiving report to report receipt of goods or services. Track receipts for each purchase order.

Rejection Report
From time to time materials not meeting specification will be rejected. Use the rejection report template to document materials not conforming to specification.

Release Order
Many purchasing departments will issue release orders on the basis of a blanket order or contract. Two release order templates are provided; one for parts and a second for services.

Request for Proposal
A common task for purchasing is to manage the competitive bid process. This template will work with parts or services. There is ample room to enter a detailed item description. Along with price, the supplier provides lead time, payment terms and freight terms.

In most organizations a procurement department will support manufacturing and other departments for the purchase of goods and services. Two procurement requisition templates are provided; one for parts and a second for services.

Purchasing professionals demonstrate value to the organization through implementation and reporting cost saving projects. Description, buyer name, cost reduction type, supplier name, year of savings and savings amount are entered by the buyer.

Shortage Damage Report
Use the shortage and damage report template to document issues with receipts.

Traveling Requisition
The traveling requisition form is typically used for ordering production materials. The requisition is a great way to document historical purchases.

Verbal Quote Record
Use the verbal quote record to document pricing from suppliers. A buyer or his assistant may obtain pricing verbally from suppliers.


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